C2 Classic Cuisine

Treated my family today at C2 Classic Cuisine—a refreshing restaurant that offers the best redefined Filipino classics. Operated by the prestigious Cravings Group and an affiliate of Center for Culinary Arts Manila (CCA, Manila), C2 is a casual dining venue that celebrate ingenuity and innovation of Filipino favorites! Here’s what we ordered:

We went to C2 Katipunan branch (just across Ateneo). Its modern take on classic Filipino dishes is so refreshing! So happy my family & I discovered this restaurant! Let’s start!  

Tatlong Ensalada (Php255) - mango with bagoong, grilled eggplant ensalada and salted egg with tomatoes! The perfect appetizer! They’re all so delicious! 

Bam-I (Php280) - I personally like to call it "bayyyym" haha it’s a combination of egg and rice noodles sauteed with chicken, shrimps and Chinese sausage! I like it!

Sizzling Bangus Belly (Php385) - choice cut of boneless bangus belly topped with lemon-flavored butter. 

Walastik (Php385) - C2’s version of the ultimate bistek tagalog: tender beef, pork and pig liver marinated in soy-lime sauce served with crispy onion rings!

The crispy onion rings deserves a more detailed shot! Haha it’s so good!!!

Sweet and Sour Fish (Php385) - whole fried fish smothered in C2’s own sweet and sour sauce. 

Seared Tilapia in Coconut Emulsion (Php485) - tender tilapia served with pineapple salsa and creamy coconut sauce. One of my favorites! The tilapia is soft and yet the cripsy potatoes on top are crunchy, plus the pineapple salsa balanced everything out! 

Crispy Kare-Kare (Php685) - The highlight of my day! The crispy kare-kare! Crispy, boneless pork leg served with sauteed vegetables and rich peanut sauce. Mmmm, writing that made me hungry again!

Complemented by pandan iced tea! It’s really good!! Amazing food + ambiance + service! Definitely going back to try their other dishes! Thank you so much Redge Jimenez-Lopez, Leo Marvin Balante and the staff of C2! They also added a few dishes right in time for the Christmas season so make sure you guys check that out! You can visit C2 Classic Cuisine at Katipunan, Shangri-La, Mega Mall, Rockwell, Midtown, SM North, Greenhills and Summit Ridge Hotel Tagaytay. Enjoy!

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