I’m trying to dress more “corporate” because I’ll be done with college in 2 months—gotta prepare for the real world and be on my own! Buuuut I can’t seem to let go of the cargo pants-boots combo! Anyway, been so addicted to headphones lately. It sounds and looks better than earphones. Plus, I can’t live without music. There was one time I forgot to bring my ipod with me and I went all the way back home just to get it. I’m sure you guys would do the same thing…right? lol. Back to school tomorrow! Hope you had a great weekend!

What I’m wearing: white button down (Hang Ten), necktie (Solo), cargo pants (Defacto Industry), whiteout watch (Luminox), lowrider headphones (Skullcandy), leather rucksack (Grafea Leather), boots (Dr Martens). Hype this on lookbook here.

Wearing my overused favorite custom made cargo pants from Defacto Industry. White Bubblepack iPhone case from iNako. 

Leather rucksack from Grafea Leather

Lowrider headphones from Skullcandy. I’m really digging these stylish headphones because it sounds as good as it looks! 

Whiteout watch from Luminox. Luminox watches are Swiss made and features Luminox light technology—a dial illumination system that glows up to 25 years! Crazy! So regardless of exposure to light, the watch is always visible. Such a good investment—and the fact that Luminox is trusted by the US Air Force and US Navy Seals kinda makes me feel badass, lol. Available at Time Depot, Rudy Project and Time Trends.

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