I’m officially out of college! Wore this to my graduation last Saturday. Would’ve been so much memorable if I was with my blockmates (I got delayed because of work) but I’m glad I’m finally done with school! All those sleepless nights because of cramming never ending plates and term papers were all worth it.

I don’t really see myself working (in a corporate setting) anytime soon. I’m giving myself 3-5 months to take a break from everything a.k.a. lie in bed and watch tv all day, haha! 

A piece of advice to high school/college students—you’re only a student once so don’t put it to waste! Sure you can do all crazy things in college but always set your priorities straight.

What happens after college? Life happens. It’s now up to us what we want to do with it. 

What I’m wearing: button down (Lyle & Scott), belt (SM Accessories), pants (Topman), watch (Esprit), aviators (Ray-Ban), leather shoes with tassels (Cole Haan). Hype this on lookbook here.

Striped button down shirt from Lyle & Scott—this popular retail brand is now in Manila! Available at Bratpack.

Watch from Esprit. I suddenly felt mature haha

Leather shoes with tassels from Cole Haan. Got this as a graduation present! 

My parents used my Canon PowerShot SX260HS to document the graduation ceremony. It has a wider and more powerful zoom lens than the SX230! It’s as good as a dslr! 

Photos by Hezron Peralta

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