Got invited by Esprit Timewear to walk for the finale of their holiday 2012 show last week. Got a call the night before the show but I just had to say yes and cancel a few appointments because it’s not everyday I get to walk for a big and established brand such as Esprit aaaaand for the finale at that! What an honor—especially for someone like me who started out as a photographer! I will never get used to it but this is a way for me to challenge myself and step out of my comfort zone. Here are some photos from the show:

Esprit Timewear’s holiday collection is all about natural and relaxed styles inspired by the chill Californian lifestyle. Laid back is the way to go! 

Esprit watches never go out of style! The three new Esprit Timewear categories: Everyday, Business and Night Out. Match your Esprit watch with your unique lifestyle! 

Everyday offers watches for a casual, daytime look. The Business category is more classic and professional-looking while Night Out is more dressy!

My buddy Vern Enciso doing her thing! The last time we walked together for a show was for the Bench and Coke fashion show last year! We even had to learn how to dance to Party Rock haha!

My good friend Patricia Prieto sporting her “loft” Esprit watch. This girl is such a pro!

And yet again, I was the shortest and the only Filipino male model in the show. Haha good thing Patricia, Vern and I were introduced as bloggers—not models!

Wore a tweed sweater over a flannel and added a messenger bag so I could show off the watch without doing an awkward walk, haha! 

The director was very particular about showcasing the watch so watch (oooh pun) the three of us try our best to model these Esprit watches! We’re all wearing the “loft” watch—exclusively available at SM Accessories.

Here’s a little secret—to get rid of my nerves, I don’t wear eyeglasses/contact lenses (yes I have a sucky vision) so that I won’t see the crowd! Haha don’t judge me! I take rehearsals seriously so I could familiarize myself with the stage and try my best not to fall off the runway! 

The Esprit Fall/Winter 2012 Collection! Thank you so much Espirt Timewear for having me! I had a blast! Stay tuned cuz I’m giving away two Esprit watches to two lucky readers tomorrow! 

Photos by Hezron Peralta

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