Admittedly, I take my hair for granted. It’s naturally curly so I put on hair wax everyday to tame my unruly hair. So when Taylor Tyler invited me to try their salon, I grabbed the opportunity to give my hair its much needed break. My parents tagged along with me and we were all treated to an unforgettable Bee Choo experience!

Thanks to an enterprising woman from Singapore named Bee Choo, we now have within our reach an all natural way to restore our hair’s natural beauty (naks naman). Heads up south people,  Bee Choo is located at the Taylor Tyler Herbal Hair Spa and Salon at the 2nd floor of Pergola Mall, BF Homes Paranaque. For north people (like me), I must say it’s worth the visit!

Nice interiors and superior customer service. A visit to Bee Choo makes you feel you’re a VIP! All clients can expect a truly enjoyable experience as the salon stylist’s have all been trained to treat clients to the best Bee Choo experience! They are all very warm and welcoming. 

Here’s my dad getting his own treatment. The process started with a Bee Choo Origin Ginger Oil, a leave on product which opens the pores and preps your scalp for the Bee Choo Hair Treatment itself. It smells so good too! 

This is the Bee Choo all natural treatment! They used different kinds of herbs—each with a different purpose: Premium (oriental herbs for treating hair and scalp conditions), Ginseng (improves blood circulation), Lingzhi (helps to fight excessive hair loss), He Shou Wu (fights greying hair), Dang Gui (helps hair follicles absorb nutrients) and Dong Chong Xia Cao (general well being).

The whole treatment will take about 45-50 minutes. For those with longer hair, it can take up to 1.5 hours to maximize the benefits of the treatment. Here’s my dad obviously enjoying it! So feel free to bring your parents too! 

The Bee Choo Origin Herbal Hair Spa treatment costs only Php990 for men and Php1,190 for women. That comes with the application + 45 min. treatment + shampoo + blowdry + a massage + iced/hot tea!

Afterwards, the Bee Choo Origin Hair Spa will be washed off with the Origin Purity Scalp Shampoo and Origin Purity Repair Hair Conditioner, a minty mix of herbs that would provide much needed nourishment for your hair. Once you’re done, watch and be amazed as the stylists blow dry your hair and reveal the  instant effects that this all natural treatment is famous for. Here’s my mom being happily pampered! 

My hair feeling soft and healthy after the treatment! Can’t stop touching it haha! A week after it still smells so good! 

Restore your hair’s natural beauty and shine with Bee Choo’s full line of herbal hair products. Bee Choo products are exclusively available at the salon. 

Having lunch + checking emails while waiting for my parents. Thanks to the salon’s free wifi! 

For those whose hair just needs a “de-tox,” after just one (1) Bee Choo Hair Treatment will leave your hair with beautiful shine and much-needed volume. Your hair will also feel softer and smoother, so you can just imagine how much better it’d be after three (3) more sessions! 

We all left the salon relaxed and very happy with our treatment! I honestly could not stop touching my hair afterwards, haha! It looked shinier and healthier! My parents and I will make this a monthly thing. Thanks Bee Choo!

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