1. Like Ray-Ban Philippines on Facebook  and follow them on Twitter and Instagram
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3. Like DG MNL on Facebook and follow me on Twitter
4. Create a blog post on how you can become a legend (click here to see sample entry)

  • Title should contain the words “Ray-Ban” and “Legends”
  • Must contain a photo of yourself wearing Ray-Ban eyewear
  • If you don’t have a photo of yourself wearing Ray-Ban, you can mention an icon who’s an inspiration for you and post the celebrity’s photo wearing Ray-Ban
  • Mention a blogger who inspired you to write your blog post

5. Comment on this post (via disqus) with your Twitter username and the link of your blog entry

IMPORTANT: Entry should be unique per blog site. No multiple entries.

CRITERIA: 50% Creativity, 50% number of comments

DEADLINE OF ENTRIES: November 30, 2012

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